In the beginning there was… Dorinha, The Original Sexxy Dorinha Girl™. You know the one: the petite Brazilian beauty whose alluring face and curvy hips adorn every Dorinha Jeans Wear™ hangtag.

Dorinha is the shapely fit model for every style of Dorinha Jeans Wear™ jeans ever made, and was also the sole product model for all jeanswear catalog shots on the Dorinha Jeans Wear™ website and online store.

What does Dorinha do when she isn't modeling? As designer and co-owner of Dorinha Jeans Wear™, she runs a hectic schedule. She keeps very busy designing those femme fatale jeans, and of course, is always hard at work making sure the company runs as smoothly as possible together with business partner Dale R. Reynolds.

Dorinha loves modeling her own designs and is hugely appreciative and loyal toward her fans, but pretty soon there were just so many jeans, and so little time, for one person to model them all. Even someone as tirelessly professional and dedicated as this “Girl from Ipanema”! Dorinha and Dale, who is also the Dorinha Jeans Wear™ photographer/business partner, knew they had to find some very special models to join the team.

Enter the Dorinha Girls™, sexxy sirens who share with you more than just a glimpse of the endless possibilities: when wearing a pair of Dorinha Jeans Wear™ jeans.

Dorinha, designer, co-owner and model.
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